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Derek Nemunaitis (born April 20, 1988) is a Dallas based artist who left the medical field to pursue art professionally in March of 2016. Since then he has been hired to paint numerous murals around Dallas, TX. With oil paint as his preferred media for fine art, Derek's work is often playful and whimsical, while retaining the ability to send an important and necessary message to the viewer.

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“Painting the Pillsbury Doughboy meditating and hovering above a cinnamon roll looks fun, but it will take most viewers quite a bit of time to understand the message is to rise above temptation." – Derek Nemunaitis


Yield & Overcome

YandO threads is a Dallas based company introducing unique and original designs by Dallas Artist, Derek Nemunaitis, to promote awareness and profits for environmental conservation. Products have designed to create revenue for specific organizations. I donate a minimum of 25% of profits from each product to an organization specified in the product description.